Gallery – Smile Make Over

Fractured front teeth. Repaired with Emax dilithium silicate crowns

Gum lift and Laminate Veneers on 4 teeth

Gum lift upper and lower & Laminate Veneers on 6 upper teeth

Minimal prep veneers. EMAX

Upper jaw Multidisciplinary Dentistry, Implants, crowns, root canals.

Gummy smile Crown Lengthening

Gum De pigmentation and teeth home bleaching

Crown Lengthening(Gum Lift) + Emax Veneers, (Minimal prep Veneers)

Upper and lower minimal prep EMAX VENEERS. BLEACH SHADE

Pink Aesthetics Only!

Smile with confidence again after trauma to front teeth

Teeth wear, build ups with resin composite


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