Gallery – Dental Implants

Dental Implant Case 52Dental Implant Case 52
Dental Implant Case 51 - Before & After
Dental Implant Case 50 - Before & After
Dental Implant Case 50 - Top View

Dental Implant Case 47 - Before
Dental Implant Case 47 - After

Dental Implant Case
Dental Implant Case

Single Tooth Implant

Single Implants

Single Front Implant

Immediate Implant, temporary crown and 3 months later… final E MAX crown

Multiple Single Implants

Immediate Implant and Immediate Temporary Crown

Bridge on Implants

Full Mouth Implant Rehabilitation

Single Implants

Implants with Bridge

Old Bridge changed to Two Single Crowns. Last Tooth is an Implant

Immediate Single Implants Restored with Single Emax Crowns

ALL-ON-4, Screw Retained Fixed Partial Denture

Infected Tooth With Old Root Canal (Arrow), Replaced with An Immediate Implant and Bone Graft

Final Restoration of an Immediate Implant

Full Mouth Rehab with Dental Implants and Zirconia Fused to Ceramic Bridge

Gum Contouring Using Custom Healing Caps, 2 Single EMAX Crowns

Front Tooth Infection and Major Bone Loss, Reconstructed with Bone Graft, Gum Graft and An Astra Dental Implant

Congenitally Missing 13 . 22 23. Thin Bone in Missing Teeth, Gummy Smile Treated with Bond Graft Gum Graft Veneer and Dental Implant. Also, 1 Year Follow Up


Dental Implant
Dental Implant
Dental Implant
Dental Implant


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