Insurance and Financing

front desk of Uptown Guelph Dental where you can learn more about insurance and apply for financing
When you schedule your first appointment at Uptown Guelph Dental, please be sure to provide us with all of your insurance information. As our policy, it is the patient’s responsibility for understanding what their dental insurance covers (which is a matter between you, your insurance company, and your employer).

If at all possible, please bring your insurance booklet with you, or print your plan information off from your carrier’s website. This way we can see what your plan breakdown is and help you track your expenditures. Any gaps in coverage are the patient’s responsibility. However, we are happy to accept both assignment and non assignment insurance plans.

We’ll Tailor Your Treatment Plan to Your Needs

sitting room of Uptown Guelph Dental where you c an get information on what insurance plans are accepted.We understand that unexpected dental expenses are never a pleasant surprise. Whether you need a cavity filled or are considering restoring your worn dentition, we can phase your treatment appropriately and consider more affordable options that might be available. Every treatment case is personalized to your unique concerns, challenges, and health situation.

Your entire family is always welcome at Uptown Guelph Dental. Our dentists provide complete oral health care for every age — even young children — and have over 60 years of combined experience. Contact us today to schedule!

Payment Plans

Uptown Guelph Dental has partnered with iFinance Canada to provide an affordable way to finance your dental services. We offer one-year payment plans with no interest and no administrative fees. For payment plans longer than one year, we can offer fixed monthly payments for up to 60 months. Applying is simple, either apply online at or by phone at 1-888-689-9876.  

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