Pediatric Dentistry

At Uptown Guelph, we love kids! Thanks to the diverse associate dentists at Uptown Guelph Dental, we’re able to accommodate all of your family’s oral health needs. In most cases, parents find it best to book their child’s first visit with us starting around 3 years of age. It may be that the first visit is just a “happy” one to tour the office and meet the pediatric dentist, but a positive first impression can have a huge impact on how your child perceives dental care in the future.

Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Guelph?

There’s no need to drive across town to a specialty clinic. Our family dentists can see the whole family. We’re relaxed, and won’t ever pressure your child to sit through a visit that he or she isn’t comfortable with. Great dental care is built on confidence and trusting relationships.

We’ll make your child’s experience with us as lighthearted and fun as possible. It’s our job to educate you and your child on caring for their young smile, so that they can enjoy healthy teeth for years to come. After the visit is over, they can even stop by the toy box to reward their good behavior.

Parents, there’s no right or wrong first visit. It may be that we look at your child’s teeth during your own appointment, or a sibling’s visit, just so that they can get acquainted with the experience, or a ride up and down in the chair. But by all means, please let us know if you have concerns about anything in particular, and notify us right away of any emergencies.

Dental Treatment for Children

Son sitting on fathers shoulders smiling with healthy smile from work with his pediatric dentist.Prevention is extremely important when it comes to young smiles. Why? Because primary teeth can decay very rapidly, and they act as guides for the developing permanent dentition. That’s why we offer comprehensive children’s dentistry, including:

Cleanings and Exams — As we monitor your child’s developing smile, we can keep a careful eye on their tooth development, oral hygiene, and potential risks that may come into play.

Protective Dental Sealants — We apply these as soon as possible, shortly after the teeth erupt. This helps to combat potential cavities, by sealing off the deep grooves and pits of the back teeth.

Dental X-rays — These images allow us to see between the teeth, as well as to assess the development of the permanent dentition underneath. In most cases, we will take X-rays at the first appointment, assuming that your child is cooperative.

Your Entire Family Will Feel Right at Home

Our Guelph family dentist office has plenty of room for strollers, so that you can bring along all of the kids. Plus, our reception area has plenty of things for the little ones to stay busy, like coloring or watching TV. Parents can enjoy the complimentary WiFi and coffee bar while they wait! Book your next visit today.

With expertise in the fields of periodontics, we’re able to provide best-in-class surgical procedures like dental implants and gum surgery.

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