New Patients

Everyone’s reason for visiting the dentist is different. It may be that you need to have your teeth cleaned, or perhaps you’re embarrassed by their appearance. In most cases, your new patient intake will consist of two to three appointments.

During your initial visit, we will book you with one of our dentists for a complete oral exam and digital x-rays. We will determine at that time if you need any restorative work to be done and prioritize your subsequent visits. This appointment will last approximately one hour. In certain situations, it may be possible to combine this appointment with your initial hygiene visit.”

An initial hygiene appointment is approximately 90 minutes. You will have your gums and bone level carefully assessed and measured for any signs of periodontal disease. You may also receive a scaling, polish and fluoride, depending on how long it’s been since you had your last cleaning. In most cases, we try to at least start and complete your cleaning at this first appointment. We will recommend your frequency then for future hygiene visits based on your individual requirements.

Planning for Treatment

Should you need any type of dental treatment, our dentist will go over his other recommendations with you. Every care plan is unique to your personal needs and goals, and as such, we take great care in planning out your therapies.

Once your care plan is finalized, our treatment coordinator will provide you with a cost estimate based on the dental insurance information you provide to us. For your convenience, we accept all insurance plans, including assignment and non assignment policies. Flexible payment options are also available!

Uptown Guelph Dental welcomes patients of all ages, including young children! Contact us today to book your family’s first visit with us.

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